Friday, January 29, 2010

Blueberry Hot Toddy (Vegetarian)

2 oz blueberry juice (or another real fruit juice)
2 oz brandy
1 tbsp honey (optional for vegans)
1 tsp lime juice

After having been away for work earlier this week, I caught a nasty cold on my return home. Yesterday was bad, and after much whining a Twitter friend (@CplPuni5hment) suggested I make a hot toddy. I've never had much luck with hot toddies. The recipes I've been given in the past involve a million ingredients, including some sort of crushed fruit, which only makes me angry when I attempt to drink the concoction and get slapped in the lip with some nastified half-mutilated raspberry. So this time I decided to replace the actual fruit with some fruit juice I had lying around!

1. Place juice in a mug and microwave until very hot.
2. Add brandy, honey, and lime juice.
3. Stir.
4. Sip slowly to let the citrus and honey (if you used it) soothe your throat.

This is a simple enough recipe that you should be able to follow the quick and dirty instructions, however the one rookie mistake that could be made here is your microwaving the brandy - don't do that! A hot toddy includes alcohol, because the alcohol makes you relaxed and sleepy, but if you cook alcohol at too high a temperature, the alcohol evaporates. Don't worry about adding the brandy to a steaming hot beverage, just don't cook it itself.

A hot toddy is supposed to be soothing - it's supposed to make you feel better, however it also makes you dehydrated because of the alcohol content, and dehydration will only make any cold you have worse. This isn't to say you can't drink one. Just use common sense and make sure you've drank plenty of liquids that day. Maybe to be extra sure you're not doing more harm than good, chug a glass of water after you've finished your toddy. That's what I did.

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  1. I consider myself an expert at toddy-making, but I use the microwave. To conserve the alcohol, microwave with plastic cling-wrap over the top and when done, poke a straw through the plastic and drink it through the straw with the plastic on top. Nothing evaporates. When my wife wants a toddy, I can prepare it in about 2 minutes. You won't lose anything by giving it a try!